Any updates or changes to unlocking a verizon galaxy s3 bootloader?


Just wondering if there has been any newly discovered methods for safely (meaning without bricking) unlocking the bootloader on a verizon galaxy s3 running stock rom and Android 4.4.2. As you probably recall, there was a whole fiasco pertaining to this topic about 4 years ago. Once you went beyond Android 4.1.2. on this particular phone, if you tried unlocking the bootloader you would brick.

Any advice or new info would be greatly appreciated. I am no longer with verizon. I am using a different sim, and I am rooted. So no issues there. FYI, my ultimate goal from unlocking the bootloader is so that I can install a custom rom and/or custom kernel which will allow me to overclock my cpu. So if there is any way I can achieve overclocking the cpu without unlocking the bootloader, that's good enough for me. But I understand you need a custom rom and/or custom kernel to overclock the cpu. I also realize I can use safestrap without unlocking the bootloader, but from my understanding none of the few roms/kernels that work with safestrap allow overclocking the CPU. Once again any info or advice regarding any new methods which may have recently surfaced for unlocking the bootloader (or truly overclocking cpu without unlocking the bootloader) would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you

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