Port mt6589 to mt6572!

Tutorial port rom different MTK chipset
MT6589 to MT6572

1. Material Stock
2. Materials Port

From Stock grab:
* / System / lib -> / modules
* / System / lib -> / egl
* / System / lib -> / hw
* / System / lib -> / SoundFX

regular file:
* / System / lib -> from libaudio-resampler.so to / lib -> libaudioutils.so

* / System / lib -> from libcam.camadapter.so to / lib -> libcameraservice.so

* / System / lib -> libMali.so and all related to the GPU. especially libMali.so

From stock take:
* / System / etc -> / bluetooth
* / System / etc -> / firmware
* / System / etc -> / wifi
regular file:
* / System / etc -> vold.fstab
* / System / etc -> vold.fstab.nand

From stock take:
* System / usr / keylayout / Generic.kl
or all files in / usr this will fix the bug.

From stock take:
* / System / vendor
This merge into port.

From stock take:
* / System / xbin
This merge into port.

all of the above files kcuali vendor and xbin
replace it to the port.
or first delete the files and replace port exactly above.
if the file is not a MALI GPU port then in / lib there is a file libMali.so
so add libMali.so of stock and all related to the GPU. libEGL.so example.

Which fairly complicated stage which must edit boot.img.
Take boot.img from the port.
boot.img unloading port and boot.img stock
(Tutor kmrin I dah share)
tutor via apktool android
if use PC / lepi ane kaga ngarti: p

edit boot.img port
click / ramdisk find "init.rc" edit "init.rc"

search! code "mt6589" without quotes
change to "mt6572" without quotes
all code "mt6589" change it to "mt6572"

if it finds one of the codes "mt6582" This let it remain "mt6582" should not be changed.
then save.

take stock of boot.img file named "kernel" without the quotes, its size 3.85Mb
and override all port boot.img.
then unpack be named new.img size 4.46Mb
rename to boot.img

At Port edit his build.prop
* /system/build.prop

find code: ro.mediatek.platform = MT65xx
example: ro.mediatek.platform = MT6589
MT6589 change so MT6572
example: ro.mediatek.platform = MT6572

search code:
mediatek.wlan.chip = MT6628
mediatek.wlan.module.postfix = _mt6628

change it to:
mediatek.wlan.chip = mediatek.wlan.module.postfix = _

In the port edit "updater-script" at META-INF

search code:
eg "its format"
format ("ext4", "EMMC", "/ dev / block / mmcblk0p3", "0", "/ system");
change "mmcblk0p3" so "mmcblk0p4"
"Mmcblk0p4" This is a mount point system A7T +

And change also "mount her"
mount ("ext4", "EMMC", "/ dev / block / mmcblk0p3", "/ system");
change "mmcblk0p3" so "mmcblk0p4"

Or change it to as below, this code is universal and suitable for all android MTK

format ("ext4", "EMMC", "EMMC @ android", "0", "/ system");
mount ("ext4", "EMMC", "EMMC @ android", "/ system");

add the code:
symlink ("wlan_mt6582.ko", "/system/lib/modules/wlan.ko");
symlink ("/ system / xbin / libmnlp_mt6572", "/ system / xbin / libmnlp");

before the code "set_perm" or at the beginning of the code "sysmlink"
then save.


Decompile "framework.jar" stock and port

in stock Copas smua contents of:
/ Smali / com / MediaTek
framework.jar to put in place the same port

And this also
smali / com / android / server
Copas also to put in place the same port
recompile framework.jar port
done ...

Wrap into a flashable zip and install via


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