[Q] I BRICKED my rotted GS2 Epic Touch when using ROM Man. FROZEN on Syst Recovery

I'll gladly donate to the person(s) who resolves, or helps me to resolve this problem. History: The title says it all... 2 weeks ago I rooted my Galaxy S2 Epic 4G TouchEL29 710 Gingerbread from Sprint. This is the second rooted phone I've owned, however the first phone in which I've rooted myself. It took many frusturating hrs to get it right. People don't understand that just because THEY know what they're talking about, I certainly had NO idea as I've never done it before and don't know terms and where to get downloads without correct links. Before I screwed up today I actually rooted a friend's Galaxy S Nexus! Weehoo for me I'm so smart I'll just go an extra step with my own phone today which brings me to...
Problem now: Today I decided to flash a custom ROM. MIUI I believe. I downloaded ROM Manager (I had it on my EVO 4G and it worked well) and as soon as it booted back up it LOCKED. I think I did what ALL first timers are terrified of doing. I bricked my phone. It's STUCK on the Android System Recovery <3e> screen. It has a white triangle in a black background with a yellow ! inside. Under it in red letters it says E: update file is backed up: Reportedted (spelled just like that) under that in yellow it says # MANUAL MODE# --Updating application...
Installing Apks.
Successfully updated application
On the top where it says Enter OK for reboot system now, apply update from sdcared, wipe data/fac reset and wipe cache partition I can scroll through those, but when I choose an option and click the "enter" key, nothing happens, it just stays frozen as though I've done nothing. I took my battery out several times and it goes directly back to this screen upon putting the battery back.
I've spent hours pouring over these (and other) forums and find questions similar to mine, but not exactly. I can get into downloading mode by holding the volume and the on button together. A lot of good it does when I don't know what to download.
I didn't mean to overfill everyone with so much information, but I think in order to get the answers I need, I need everyone to know what I have here. Again, my phone is bricked up. I can't do anything on it. My phone is very important to my job and daily life as I'm certain it is to many people. I shouldn't have been messing with stuff when I don't know what I'm doing, but now I'm relying on other people's kindness and knowledge to get me out of the mess I made. Thank you to everyone who tries helping and as I said before, I will gladly donate a bit of money for your time and wisdom if you're able to help me.
Sarah MN

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