[Q] wm5 One click VPN script?

Hi there, i'm using windows mobile 5 PDA's and the snag i have is the built in vpn connection, it works perfectly well, the issue is making it easier for the reps to use on the road.

in order to connect you have to click start-settings-connection settings-manage vpn connections... hold the stylus on your connection and click connect... being careful not to click DELETE!, which happens to a few of the reps,

So is there a way to make a shortcut on the start bar for examlple a script that sets the vpn connection going, anything really to make the connection straight forward,

oh and one to then dissconnect if it's possible.

I've tried using a 3rd party vpn software from watchguard but it has compatibilty issues with the wireless card in my device (unitech PA500) i had previously posted to resolve that issue but it's down to hardware and cannot be resolved.

Thanks in advance, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


P.S i reposted this because i think it was in the wrong place to begin with.

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