Need help advice about stock messaging app

Hey guys, I'm a couple weeks new to Android and smartphones in general and I'm loving it! Unfortunately I have run into a bit of a snag, I am on the Samsung Galaxy SII T989 (T-mobile) and I am on Jellybean 4.1.2. I enjoy the stock messaging app because it is simple and I assume resource friendly (I like efficiency in my electronics), but I'm having a hard time making a custom message notification when I receive a text message that is forwarded from my gmail using It shows up as just *myemail* so when I add as a contact it adds the email and I have the option to customize the tones for messaging but it doesn't work, I assume because there is no phone #. I even tried to find the number that is used to forward an email through sms and all I got from t-mobile was 500, which didn't work either. Do you guys have any ideas?

I know that non-stock messaging apps like go sms and handcent are capable of doing this easily but I'm weary of moving from stock due to other messaging apps possibly using more resources, but if anyone has any suggestions for other apps I'm all ears as well if no one is able to help me get a notification using stock. What I also like about stock messaging btw is the feature where if you get a text message a circle with a message icon appears on your screen and you can just swipe that to unlock and go directly to your thread with that person, if there were other good apps that did that and the notification that would be great.

Sorry for what seems like a wall of text, I really appreciate any help you guys can offer, thanks!

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