Why is my batter draining so fast?

I'm posting an update because I don't see a way to post a reply on my question.

You are correct, I normally don't put the phone on the charger until it's very low and always charge it to 100%. I'll try and watch that from now on.

I've attached the screenshots that you requested. Today was a little better, though I was actually only using the phone for a little while after it being charge but it's currently at 27% already.



I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge running Android Oreo version 8.0.0. For the past two weeks my battery is draining extremely fast. I unplugged it from the charger this morning (after it charged all night; battery was at 100%). Less than 2 hours later I was at 52% doing not much more than reading email, visiting a few webpages, and sifting through settings to see why my ^&%$ battery was draining so quickly.

I took a screen shot of the battery usage, but don't see that I have the ability to post it here. Essentially it shows that I now have 6 hrs 48 mins of battery remaining, a deep decline in the battery usage bar graph, and the following battery usage:

Android System: 12%
Screen 6%
Android OS 2.%
Firefox: 2%
Android Core Apps, Device Idle, Google Play services, and Google each at 1%.
On the main battery screen it shows "outlook" usage per hour .02%.

I've optimized my phone (storage, battery, memory, ect) but it is still continuing to decline quickly.

Again, I just noticed that this issue started about a week ago (and seem to remember activating an alert for system update around that time, though I'm not sure that has anything to do with it).

Any thoughts, oh wise ones? Thanks/Lew

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